Pixil Lime

Technology has forever altered the entertainment and mass media marketplace. No longer do entities such as the major studios alone dictate what movies and programming viewers have access to. Innovative companies such as Netflix, Youtube, and Amazon (just to name a few) have disrupted the once heavily restricted distribution pipeline paving the way for direct access to the viewer. Additionally, the advent of easily accessible and inexpensive high definition streaming technologies, combined with the widely accepted integration of mobile viewing devices (such as the iPad) has further advanced the numerous opportunities allowing for a one-on-one streaming experience between content creator and viewer on a number of screens (phone, tablet, computer, and television).

RSS Agent

Live Data and Archive Data Streams to https://raptorsecuritygroup.com. Push To Talk Walkie Talkie Function.  Threat Alert. Live Video Streaming. FaceTime Video and Audio Functions. 


Gombos Alfalfa Export is a multi-phased app designed for The Gombos Company and its customers to support global forage supply chain functions including acquisition, quality control, virtual marketing, and customer service. Credentialed users may login to the app, query orders, look at products images, request samples, communicate with company representatives, and more. Additionally, Gombos Alfalfa Export is used to manage various operations in real-time in keeping with The Gombos Company’s overall mission of providing The Gold Standard in U.S. Forage Exports. New features are being added regularly.

PatientAccess by RehabNeeds

Finding the right doctor or medical provider can be tough. Today’s patients expect quality and convenience. If you need to find a trusted and highly rated provider in your area who accepts your insurance, PatientAccess App can help. Using state-of-the-art technology, PatientAccess connects you to over 5 million healthcare professionals. PatientAccess helps you make new appointments and manage doctor visits right from your phone. Download the Free PatientAccess App and see how quick and easy you can manage your appointments. PatientAccess is the intellectual property of Rehabneeds, LLC


Kubota is always looking for ways to support and empower Kubota owners. The myKubota app is a companion for Kubota equipment owners that gives them the ability to proactively maintain and care for their equipment.

USACE EM-385-1-1 Safety Manual

The official EM 385-1-1, Safety and Health Requirements Manual, 2014 version, published by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is now an app!

Seabee Mobile

Seabee Online, named "Best Digital Publication" in the Department of Defense, has gone mobile. Seabee Mobile provides dynamic coverage of Seabee contributions to global security, maritime strategy and humanitarian efforts around the world, and is your one-stop resource for everything U.S.

Beach Eatz

Food Delivery. Right to your beach chair. So, No need to leave your beach chair to enjoy your local favorites. Download the Beach Eatz App and food will be delivered right to your beach chair!

Builder's Punch List

Builder's Punch List is the most popular construction software suite of field collaboration and project management tools.

Emma Tech

Emma Tech is designed to be used with the EMMA (Election Maintenance and Management Application) Software Suite offered by Elections USA, Inc. For more app and software details, please see our website at www.emmabyshoup.com.

SHARK EXPERIENCE presented by verizon

Stream your walkout song. Check on your favorite sports team. Know exactly how far you are from the pin. Get tips from Greg Norman. And more. All from your golf car. Shark Experience – you’ve never played golf like this before.


The MyFrontier App lets you manage your Frontier Communications account so you can view/pay bills, see past billing statements and payments, and make other changes to your account and communication settings. The app also provides quick access to support topics in our help center in addition to contact information (including call back assist), at your fingertips.

Marriott Bonvoy

Unlock extraordinary travel experiences and hotel travel deals with the Marriott Bonvoy™ app: 
Best Rate Guarantee 
Get the best rate on your hotel travel when you book your travel reservations directly through the Marriott Bonvoy app. 
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